Quick-Step is ideal for every interior, modern or traditional. There’s a Quick-Step Laminate floor for every room – even your bathroom. Installing a Quick-Step floor is easy thanks to the patented Uniclic click system. This system is very easy to use and a lot faster and more solid than alternative systems. With Quick-Step, it’s really easy to keep your floor clean. No dirt can accumulate, as the Laminate has a sealed surface. Quick-Step Laminate floors can be combined with floor heating and cooling when installed floating and with the right underlay. The top layer of Quick-Step Laminate floors have an ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer, which means they are up to 10 x more resistant to micro scratches than floors without Scratch Guard. Excellent Impact Resistance. The High Density Fibre (HDF) core boards and ScratchGuard top layer gives your floor the best possible protection against falling objects, high heels, etc. The water resistant glued base plate and the tensile strength (pre-tensioning) of the click systems provide excellent protection against surface moisture, such as spilled drinks**. **Note: This feature is not available on Creo Laminate floors.

The hard core boards have been optimized for everyday use, producing a solid, pleasant sound in combination with a Quick-Step underlay. Quick-Step Laminate floors do not turn pale when exposed to normal levels of (sun)light. So you can reorganize your furniture at all times without any risk of colour variations on your floor. Every Quick-Step floor has been treated with a patented, permanently anti-static surface which means they attracts significantly less dust than other floors. Quick-Step Laminate floors come standard with a 25-year warranty*. *Note : the use of solutions other than genuine Quick-Step solutions can damage your Quick-Step floor. In this case the warranty offered by Quick-Step is no longer valid. We advise you to only use Quick-Step solutions that are especially designed and tested for use with Quick-Step.

Luxury Vinyl Floors Livyn


All Livyn synthetic floors feature a durable surface layer as well as an ultra-protective PU coating, which makes them ideal for spaces that are used intensively. In fact, Livyn floors are so strong that you get at least 20 years of warranty.


The patented and world-famous Uniclic click system not only makes your floor quick and easy to install, it is also a lot more solid than alternative systems.


Livyn floors are made of high-quality synthetic material which means they are 100% waterproof. The floors are therefore ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where they need to be resistant to wet conditions.


All materials used in Livyn floors have been optimized for everyday use, reducing sound and creating a comfortable walking experience.


Technical tests are performed to guarantee the strictest quality requirements and to make sure our floors can withstand various conditions. Note: Quick-Step Livyn Essential Pro comes with a lifetime warranty for domestic use and 10 years of warranty for commercial use.

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